CORENA signs partnership agreement with Chinese Simunion to sell CORENA IETP and CORENA S1000D in China

CORENA, a global leader in S1000D software and implementation services, an­nounced today that they have signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Chinese company Simunion.

Simunion has a broad network within the Chinese Heavy and Electronic indus­tries and is very engaged in delivering Interactive Electronic Technical Publi­cation systems. Simunion will resell the CORENA S1000D and CORENA IETP solutions alongside their own solution offerings.

We see a fast growing demand for S1000D based solutions in the Chinese market. And CORENA is considered the pioneering and leading vendor of S1000D solutions in China. The combination of CORENA’s off-the-shelf prod­ucts and their open interfaces will enable us to deliver customized solutions for our Chinese customers”, says Mr. Yang Guangwei, General Manager, Simu­nion.

This strategic partnership with Simunion manifests CORENA’s position as the leading supplier of S1000D based solutions for the global market. Our activities in China are constantly growing, and we expect our partnership with Simunion to expand our presence in the Chinese Heavy industry and Electron­ics market”, says Toralf Johannesen, CEO of CORENA.

Source: CORENA
Date: Jul 5, 2013