Analysis indicates that the military radar systems market is set to be worth $8.57bn in 2013

The author of the military radar systems report comments that: ‘The military radar systems is currently in a state of flux, with core markets now the preserve of a dominant few players, while smaller and newer vendors seek to compete in the margins and in emerging areas. While defence cutbacks in many developed markets are ongoing, the combined effects of spending in developing markets and the increased proliferation of advanced weapons systems is expected to drive the market in the years to come. There will be restrictions on spending in certain areas, while others will avoid projected budget cuts entirely; the trick for investors and businesses will be in foreknowledge of these areas and active efforts to seize the opportunities which are present, both now and in the future.’

The report has 208 pages and contains 153 tables, charts and graphs that illustrate the trends and market projections within the military radar systems market. We provide a range of forecasts for the period 2013-2023, as well as for 3 submarkets of the military radar systems market. In addition, the 13 leading national military radar systems markets are analysed by visiongain over the period 2013-2023 (as well as an analysis of the ‘Rest of the World’ market).  The report also provides profiles of 13 leading companies operating within the military radar systems market.

The Global Military Radar Systems Market 2013-2023: Passive & Active Systems report will be of impressive value to current, and future, investors into the military radar systems industry, as well as to companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the military radar systems market. The report includes an extended (and critical) focus on national military radar systems, and the comparison with other states is likely to be of interest to government agencies.

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Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: Jun 26, 2013