L-3 WESCAM Celebrates 2,500th MX-Series Turret Delivery to the US Navy

L-3 WESCAM announced today that it has delivered its 2,500th MXTM-Series electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) imaging turret to the U.S. Navy. This milestone delivery was made as part of L-3 WESCAM’s ongoing support of the Navy’s maritime patrol, precision targeting, irregular warfare and shipboard protection mission portfolios.

“Since 1997, over 400 MX systems have been procured in support of key U.S. naval programs,” said Paul Jennison, vice president of government sales and business development for L-3 WESCAM. “As the requirement for maritime domain awareness remains a high priority, we are pleased that the U.S. Navy continues to rely on our longer-range and higher-resolution technology to effectively execute its surveillance and observation tasks.”

L-3 WESCAM serves all segments of the airborne imaging market with its turrets, which operate from fixed-wing, rotary-wing, UAV and aerostat platforms. MX systems have been engineered with common electronics and cabling, common user interfaces and video overlays, and common software and internal components. These commonalities ensure ease and familiarity of use, simplified turret interchangeability within fleets, efficiencies in technology enhancements and streamlined system support.

Recent developments and adaptations in L-3 WESCAM’s technology have enabled the same imaging capabilities in ground vehicles and marine vessels.

Source: L-3 Wescam
Date: Jun 25, 2013