Cubic Wins USMC Contract for Next-Generation Laser-based Tactical Training System

Cubic Defense Applications, the defense systems business unit of Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB),  announced today it has been awarded an additional delivery order by the United States Marine Corps to  provide an advanced Instrumented-Tactical Engagement Simulation System (I-TESS) II. Cubic will provide an immersive training capacity that replicates the stresses and threats of actual combat. The order will replace older generation systems at the Marine Corps base in Quantico, Va.

The I-TESS II system consists of a small-arms transmitter, which can be used with automatic weapons, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and AT4 rocket launchers. There also is a man-worn detection system, audio and visual effects to simulate hand grenades, and tracking and engagement gear for vehicles and fixed structures.

The system’s GPS and radio system provides real-time tracking of individuals and vehicles, in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The data is collected and briefed to the marine as an objective based after-action review. 

“Cubic is committed to providing the highest quality and most effective training experience possible. We are very pleased to provide the United States Marine Corps with an immersive, safe environment to prepare our military’s men and women for combat,” said Dave Schmitz, president of Cubic Defense Applications, Inc. “Our system expands on existing training technology by offering a new battlefield effects simulation interface module to replicate the effects of improvised explosive devices. Our technology also includes lighter weight wireless detection systems for laser weapons fire against Marines, vehicles and structures, which tells marines that they have been hit and the extent of the damage.”

Source: Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB)
Date: Jun 24, 2013