Secondo Mona selected by Pilatus for PC-24 Fuel System

SECONDO MONA S.p.A. has been selected by Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. to supply the complete Fuel System for the new Super Versatile Jet, the Pilatus PC-24.

The Fuel System consists of two symmetrical parts, which independently provide for fuel delivery to the pertinent engine, fuel transfer among tanks and relevant ventilation and draining. The system also provides, in cooperation with A/C avionic system, for fuel gauging, discrete level sensing and fuel balancing and equalization. A single point pressure refuel system allows fast tank replenishment.

SECONDO MONA is proudly supporting the Pilatus PC-24 development programme since 2011 and has designed state-of-the-art equipment specifically conceived for this application. The non-compromised solutions proposed by SECONDO MONA rely on extensive use of thermoplastic material and in-house developed brushless motors, qualified to the latest applicable civil standards, and feature internally designed smart probes, providing digital output without using software or complex electronic hardware.

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Solenoid actuated, motor operated, gravity or manually operated valves complete the system, together with special-to-type protection boxes, designed to limit energy entering fuel tank also in system failure condition.

Date: Jun 24, 2013