Fokker Selected to Study Potential for Added Nozzle Work for the F135 Engine in the Netherlands

Fokker Technologies will sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Pratt & Whitney to study added nozzle work in the Netherlands to manufacture and deliver nozzle components, sub-assemblies and related spare parts for F135 engine exhaust, providing additional Pratt & Whitney capacity. The F135 engine powers the F-35 Lightning II. The LOI will be signed on June 19 at the Paris Air Show. Following the study conducted under the LOI, a subsequent contract to manufacture and deliver nozzle sub-assemblies and related spare parts, if awarded, could have a potential value of more than $1B over the life of the program. The Dutch Minister of Economic affairs Mr. Henk Kamp will attend the ceremony.

“We are excited by the prospects of this LOI as it shows that we are moving forward in an expeditious way with the F135 Program,” said Hans Büthker, COO of Fokker Technologies. “We are proud of the progress of the Dutch industrial participation in the F-35 and this initiative provides excellent opportunities for growth and innovation in the Dutch aerospace industry and could potentially create jobs for skilled technical employees in the North of the Netherlands.”

“Fokker is a known provider of quality, best value products,” said Tyler Evans, Pratt & Whitney International Business Development vice president. “We look forward to continuing a productive working relationship with Fokker as a valuable partner in Pratt & Whitney's global supply base for the F135 engine.”

The Nozzle fabrication is critical to the performance of the F135 engine and made of precision titanium technology still keeping its ultimate stealth signature. Fokker has worked with Pratt & Whitney on this program since 2002.

In the supply chain, Fokker selected 14 Dutch suppliers to support its effort. About 50 specialists at Fokker and 50 specialists in the Dutch supply chain will be employed to manufacture this work package.

Source: Fokker Aerostructures
Date: Jun 19, 2013