Implant Sciences Sells QS-B220 to Air Freight Atlanta

Implant Sciences Corporation (OTCQB: IMSC), a high technology supplier of systems and sensors for homeland security and defense markets, today announced it has sold its TSA-approved Quantum Sniffer™ QS-B220 desktop explosives trace detector to Air Freight Atlanta. Air Freight Atlanta is a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility and will use the QS-B220 in an air cargo environment.

"Being a Certified Cargo Screening Facility, we require equipment that will help us effectively, securely, and rapidly scan cargo, while complying with all TSA requirements. When we were in the market to replace our aging ETD system, we witnessed a demonstration of the QS-B220. We were very impressed by the system's capabilities, ease-of-use, and low maintenance and consumables costs," stated Joe Jones of Air Freight Atlanta. "The performance of the QS-B220 far surpasses our former ETD systems, and comes with a much lower cost of ownership!"

"Our technology, which truly is the new standard in trace detection, continues to be recognized by freight forwarders for its operational advantages," commented Implant Sciences' Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Dr. Darryl Jones. "The needs of air cargo screening facilities were one of our prime considerations when we built the QS-B220. It's exciting to see our ideas validated by the industry."

Source: Implant Sciences Corp.
Date: Jun 11, 2013