Meggitt Training Systems Wins $17M in Orders From Italian MoD

Meggitt Training Systems has won $17M in combined contracts from the Italian Ministry of Defense for its FATS® virtual small arms training simulators (SATs).

Italy's existing inventory of Meggitt training equipment will expand by 55 SATs and 660 weapon simulators, two of which will be new to complement live weapons. The SATs will be the first to include Meggitt's new FATS® M100 system architecture which, because of its compatibility with a wide range of devices and software packages, will support the Italian Army's expanding capabilities.

Ronald Vadas, President of Meggitt Training Systems, commented, "We have supported the Italian Armed Forces for over 20 years. We value this relationship highly and are proud to support them with our latest small arms training technology."

Meggitt Training Systems' SATs have been the Italian Army's primary small arms training system since the late 1990s. Similar systems are in service with forces in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many countries in Asia and the Middle East.

Source: Meggitt Plc.
Date: Jun 4, 2013