Brazilian aircraft in Haiti take-off mishap: UN

A Brazilian military aircraft carrying UN peacekeepers damaged its landing gear on take-off from Port-au-Prince's international airport, causing it to veer off a runway, the UN mission said Monday.

No one was injured in the mishap, which occurred Sunday as the KC-137 was taking off with 131 passengers and 12 crew members, the UN said.

Air traffic was disrupted with several US-bound flights suspended, airport officials said.

"The aircraft is immobilized on part of the runway with its landing gear stuck in the mud, but air traffic is open. We are using 7,500 feet of runway instead of 10,000," said Pierre Andre Laguerre, the airport director.

An investigation is under way, and a team of Brazilian experts were due to arrive in Port-au-Prince to help move the aircraft, he said.

by Jenny VAUGHAN, Aude GENET © 2013 AFP

Source: AFP
Date: May 27, 2013