ITT Exelis selected for NASA Deep Space Network subcontract by JPL

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has selected ITT Exelis (NYSE: XLS) to provide maintenance, operations, and engineering services for NASA’s international Deep Space Network (DSN). The subcontract has a base period of performance of five years, with incentive provisions that can extend the contract up to 10 years for a total value of $435 million.

Under the DSN subcontract, Exelis will support an international network of communications complexes that supports interplanetary robotic spacecraft missions performing radio, radar, and astronomy observations for the exploration of the solar system and the universe, as well as selected Earth-orbiting missions. Exelis work includes support of key space exploration missions such as Voyager 1 and 2, Mars Exploration Rover Project, Curiosity and the Cassini Saturn mission.

“This award extends Exelis support of NASA’s critical communications networks over the past 25 years," said Pamela Drew, president of Exelis Information Systems. “We are uniquely positioned to leverage our combined Near-Earth and Deep Space Network experience and draw from the integrated capabilities across our businesses to unlock tremendous value in support of NASA’s missions.”

Exelis will provide operations and maintenance of 10 large antennas; test, logistics and maintenance repair facilities; multiple network and communication systems; several communications centers; and a public relations outreach facility and program. Exelis will also support JPL’s Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex site security including automated security systems; one major power generation plant; and a major environmental protection program. DSN engineering includes software, network, and facility engineering. In addition, Exelis will provide support to modify, test and evaluate the existing DSN systems to meet the unique requirements associated with each different interplanetary mission.

Exelis provides all necessary maintenance, operations, and engineering support to operate and maintain JPL’s Goldstone, Calif., complex; accomplish DSN network operations and maintenance; support problem analysis and resolution; support network engineering efforts; and support radar, radio, and astronomy activities.

Source: ITT Exelis
Date: May 23, 2013