Tepro Consortium Selects Suppliers for Sisfron Project Subsystems

The Tepro Consortium, which was hired to implement and integrate the Brazilian Integrated Border Monitoring System (Sistema Integrado de Monitoramento de Fronteiras - Sisfron) has concluded the selection of the primary suppliers of the Electromagnetic Signal Sensor, Tactical Communications, Optronics, and Infrastructure subsystems. The Consortium is formed by Savis Tecnologia e Sistemas and Orbisat Indústria e Aerolevantamento, which are companies controlled by Embraer Defense & Security.

These Brazilian companies were chosen—Stemac: generator manufacturer; CM Comandos: manufacturer of no-breaks; Enecol and Casa da Floresta: responsible, respectively, for the civilian infrastructure and environmental management required by the main equipment and services related to the Infrastructure subsystem; and RFCom: a pioneer developer and manufacturer of military shelters in Brazil, to supply this mobile equipment to be used by the various subsystems of the project.

Other companies under contract are Medav, which will supply the electromagnetic signal sensor system, in conjunction with Orbisat, Harris—which will be responsible for tactical radios, and AEL International to supply the optronics. The Brazilian Army concluded Trade, Industrial, and Technological offset negotiations, which resulted in bringing to Brazil a significant amount of investments in production lines, technological development, and capability for the products that will be implemented during the first phase of the project.

Simultaneously to the activities involving the selection of suppliers and defining the basic elements for preparing the execution projects of the several subsystems, technical reconnaissance was taken of the military organizations covered by this phase, and the first part of the field study was performed regarding the points where the towers will be installed for the Strategic Communications subsystem, which forms the backbone of the communications network.

The activities now underway are in strict compliance with the established time schedule and the contract signed with the Brazilian Army.

“We are honored by this opportunity to put Sisfron in place, because of everything this project means to Brazil,” said Marcus Tollendal, President of Savis.

“Orbisat is committed to retaining and expanding the autonomous capability of the Brazilian defense industry by developing and producing sensors for Sisfron in Brazil,” said Maurício Aveiro, President of Orbisat.

Source: Embraer - Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A. (NYSE: ERJ)
Date: May 10, 2013