Meggitt Training Systems Awarded US $4.1M ATS Delivery Orders

Meggitt Training Systems was recently awarded additional Delivery Orders worth US $4.1M (which brings the total program value to $12M) to support the US Army's Targetry Systems program with TACOM, the US Army Contracting Command in Warren, Michigan. As one of the US Army's largest weapon systems research and development organizations, the TACOM program provides equipment for live-fire training ranges at US Army installations worldwide.

Under these delivery orders, Meggitt will deliver more than 500 stationary and mobile infantry and armor units. Equipment will be delivered and installed to Fort Riley, Kansas later this year. The delivery orders are for three different range types: Known Distance; Qualification Training; and Scout Reconnaissance. All three ranges have fourth quarter completion dates.

Ronald Vadas, president, Meggitt Training Systems, commented: "It's an honor to be selected for this award and we are delighted to continue our 16-year relationship with the US Army. Delivery of these targetry systems for the ATS program ensures today's soldiers are mission ready."

The Army Targetry Systems Program (ATS) is used to procure live-fire training ranges installed at various locations throughout the world. Used by US forces and its allies, these ranges are designed to develop and improve combat skills used to conduct military exercises and participate in actual combat action. Similar systems are in service with forces in the US, South Korea and Europe.

Source: Meggitt Plc.
Date: May 10, 2013