New groundbreaking EFB solution from Scandinavian Avionics ready for take-off

Scandinavian Avionics, member of The SA Group, provides new groundbreaking electronic flight bag solution for the Danish airline Danish Air Transport’s ATR fleet.

Danish Air Transport will be the first airline in the world to fly with the new flexible and cost-effective EFB solution, which consists of 2 ruggedized 10.1” Panasonic tablets, Scandinavian Avionics’s Data Integration Center (DIC-600) for aircraft interface capability and a separate communication module (ERC-200) that will ease the certification process and future-proof the operators future communication demands.

Scandinavian Avionics has designed and certified both the interface and communication units in-house and will provide all equipment, certification package (EASA STC) and installation support for the project.

The solution stands out in the market because it redefines the traditional EFB architectural concept by moving focus from the actual EFB display in the cockpit to the underlying backbone in the aircraft.

Michael R. Truelsen, President at Scandinavian Avionics, explains: “As opposed to other EFB solutions with expensive hardware and high certification costs, we have developed a future-proofed concept that enables the aircraft operator to use any commercial windows based tablet as the EFB display. The development within commercial tablets is running way faster than the traditional EFB hardware and with our solution the operator can continuously upgrade the EFB display to the most current model at low certification costs.”

At Danish Air Transport, the plan for an EFB has been under way for some time.

Lasse Nyberg, EFB Administrator at Danish Air Transport says: “We have been looking for a flexible EFB solution like this for a long time. Until now, no EFB concept on the market seemed to be as future-proofed and flexible as this one. The concept from Scandinavian Avionics is excellent because it offers a long-term solution at providing all the capabilities we ask for in an EFB, at an acceptable cost level.”

An electronic flight bag solution benefits any airline or aircraft operator by reducing weight on board and by saving time on updating the physical charts in the bag.

Jesper Rungholm, CEO at Danish Air Transport comments: “It is an investment in the future. To be able to succeed as an airline in a competitive business, an efficient and a cost-effective operation is crucial and I have great expectations that the new future-proof EFB solution from Scandinavian Avionics will give us an edge compared to our competitors.”

In addition to the EFB upgrades in all of Danish Air Transport’s twelve ATR aircraft, Scandinavian Avionics will provide installation of a Cockpit Door Surveillance System (CDSS) interfaced to the EFB system in four ATR-72 aircraft.

Certification, integration and installation will take place during the summer and according to plan the first ATR aircraft will be flying with the new EFB system this autumn.

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Source: Scandinavian Avionics
Date: May 7, 2013