Fokker Services and DynamicSource AB launch aircraft take-off and landing performance calculation application for iPad

Fokker Services and  DynamicSource AB have jointly developed an iOS Application to run FORTRAN Take-Off and Landing SCAP modules on the Apple iPad®. The app allows an operator to make the performance calculations shortly before take-off and therefore allows the opportunity to incorporate last minute changes with respect to aircraft loading and runway conditions.

OEM take-off and landing performance calculation modules are complying with the IATA SCAP interface specification. They are written in FORTRAN, a programming language originating from the 60’s. Normally FORTRAN programs do not run on iPad® , but the software engineers from DynamicSource AB managed to  make this possible.  The OEM-supplied SCAP module is combined with a calling program and an airport/obstacle database. Via a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) relevant data like aircraft-weight, wind, and runway condition are fed into the app. Within seconds the take-off and landing data like V1, V2 and flap setting are presented on the screen of the iPad®.

A major Fokker 50 operator, Amapola Flyg AB in Sweden, is using the iPad® with the performance calculation app in their daily operation with great success.

 A free demo application is available in Apple’s App Store,, F50-TAKEOFF.

“Fokker Services is very excited to offer performance calculations on the iPad®”, says Tom Milder, Director Product Development. “This new development makes the EFB solution for iPad® even more interesting for all operators, including Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, ATR and Embraer.”

DynamicSource AB has been involved in the development of iOS EFB Systems since 2010 when the iPad was introduced. Christopher Martinsson says: “The aviation industry has regarded the iPad as a static tool when it comes to EFB usage. This solution will change that perception and give the device more credibility. It has potential to be developed for other operators using OEM´s that supplies FORTRAN SCAP modules, such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, ATR or Embraer.”

Thomas Carlborg,  VP Technical operations Amapola says: “The EFB solution for iPad® has already given us the paperless cockpit of which the savings are obvious. Adding real time performance calculations to the EFB makes us even more flexible in our operation”.

Source: Fokker Services
Date: May 2, 2013