Denmark orders Heavy Tactical Recovery Vehicles from RMMV

Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) is supplying the Danish armed forces with 14 heavyweight protected recovery vehicles.

Weighing some 36 tons, the Heavy Tactical Recovery Vehicle (HTRV) is based on the tried-and-tested RMMV SX45 8x8 chassis, combining extreme stability, safety and crew comfort with outstanding manoeuvrability, whether on the road or in the toughest terrain. Thanks to its integrated Miller recovery module, the RMMV HTVR is able to recover heavy disabled vehicles weighing up to 40 tons or containers weighing up to 17 tons – quickly and safely, even under the most extreme conditions. The RMMV HTRV thus ideally complements the array of equipment fielded by modern armies: many of the tactical and logistical vehicles with protective modules used in deployed operations today have become heavier, making a high-performance recovery capacity imperative.
Level 3/3 ballistic and anti-mine protection keep the crew safe from small arms fire and IED blasts.

The recovery module of the RMMV HTRV is made by the US company Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc. of Ooltewah, Tennessee. Miller is the global leader in recovery vehicles. The RMMV HTRV is equipped with a heavy rotator recovery and lifting crane with an output of 75 mt, together with two independently controllable Rotzler HZ090 winches and a Rotzler TR200 main recovery winch with 30-ton tractive force. It also features various mission-specific items of equipment. Integration of the Miller recovery module will take place at MAN Trucks Bus in Denmark, thus constituting a 100% offset transaction.

The Danish armed forces will be the first on the European mainland to introduce the RMMV HTRV. Denmark already has a number of tactical and logistical vehicles from the company’s HX and SX families in its inventory.

Delivery begins in the first quarter of 2014, and is scheduled to conclude in the second quarter of 2015.

Source: Rheinmetall AG
Date: Apr 29, 2013