Curtiss-Wright Controls Awarded Contract by NGC

Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc. today announced that it has received a contract from Northrop Grumman to provide an integrated embedded Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) system for use in the U.S. Navy’s InTop (Integrated Topside) program.  Under the contract, Curtiss-Wright Controls will supply rugged COTS single board computers and other embedded modules to Northrop Grumman. The initial contract is valued in excess of $1 million. The projected value of future contracts is estimated to be in excess of $50 million. Shipments of units, which commenced in the second quarter of 2012, are scheduled to continue through the second quarter of 2013.

“We are very excited that Northrop Grumman has chosen our embedded COTS wideband DRFM technology for use in the Navy’s InTop program,” said Tom Quinly, president of Curtiss-Wright Controls. “Our high performance, rugged open standards processor modules are ideal for this affordable, scalable open architecture RF sensor system.”

Curtiss-Wright’s DRFM technology, which integrates seamlessly with Northrop Grumman’s system architecture, is based on high performance open standards COTS and modified COTS (MCOTS) processor modules including the Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions business group’s VPX6-185, VPX6-1957, VPX6-215, XMC-FPGA05D, FusionXF, RS485-MOD2, Champ-DRFM, and CHAMP-AV8 products. The company’s advanced, wide bandwidth DRFM solution supports the high speed interconnects and optimized size/weight/power (SWaP) characteristics required to meet the performance needs of the InTop program.

Source: Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW)
Date: Apr 24, 2013