Sectra's new secure mobile phone Tiger 7401 approved for the high security level SECRET

The security authority in the Netherlands has approved the new secure mobile phone, Tiger 7401 from Sectra (NASDAQ OMX: SECT B). Tiger 7401 is used for secure voice and data communication at the high security level SECRET.

To ensure high availability for the user, the Tiger 7401 can communicate via a number of different networks, which include conventional mobile networks as well as satellite and IP. In a single device, interoperability is enabled between multiple security domains, which facilitates the communication of classified information both nationally and, for example, within the EU. Tiger 7401 is backward compatible and is based on Sectra’s Tiger XS, a de facto standard for secure mobile communication within the EU and is security-approved nationally as well as by the EU and NATO.

“Tiger 7401 meets our users’ needs in terms of availability, flexibility and mobility in parallel with enabling them to communicate with a high level of security. This provides us with continued favorable business opportunities in this segment,” says Michael Bertilsson, President of Sectra’s Secure Communication Systems business area.

Tiger 7401 meets high security requirements
Tiger 7401 is the result of a co-operation between Sectra and AIVD during many years. NLNCSA (part of the AIVD) advises the Dutch government as an independent and reliable party about protecting the state secrets by means of IT-security solutions. Now that NLNCSA has approved Tiger 7401, it means that this product meets the high requirements that NLNCSA has on secure communication solutions.

Sectra’s close collaboration with customers and national security agencies has resulted in the company’s solutions for secure communications being used in a majority of European countries today. Users are decision-makers and officials in governments, defense authorities and critical functions of society, such as municipalities, police, customs, rescue services and coast guard. All of these customers have a shared need to communicate securely at a certified security level irrespective of time or location.

Source: Sectra
Date: Apr 23, 2013