L-3 WESCAM Successfully Completes 30-Day Flight Demonstrations of Newly Launched MX Designator Systems

L-3 WESCAM announced today the successful in- service demonstrations of its MXTM-Series of designator systems at the U.S. Army’s Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. Demonstrations of the MX-10D, MX-15D, MX-25D and MX-RSTA systems were conducted over a 30-day period on over four different aircraft and one ground vehicle. Operational hours spent on the trials totaled 100.

“This extensive effort was fully funded and executed by L-3 WESCAM as a risk-reduction effort for various customers in response to constrained budgets in the current economic climate,” said Paul Jennison, vice president of government sales and business development for L-3 WESCAM. “During these times, L-3 WESCAM remains committed to product evolution in support of the war against terror and our warfighters deployed globally.”

The tests and demonstrations conducted were:

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  • MX-10D gunfire and designation testing from an MD540 helicopter firing an FN HMP 400 .50 cal machine gun
  • MX-10D gunfire and designation testing from an MD500E firing an M134 mini-gun in both single- and dual-firing configurations
  • MX-10D, MX-15D and MX-25D integration and testing of two weapon control systems from an MD500E helicopter and a C208 Caravan
  • MX-25D designating from two Hellfire missiles shot from an AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter
  • MX-RSTA testing and demonstration in environmental conditions similar to those in Afghanistan

Source: L-3 Wescam
Date: Apr 10, 2013