USS Chancellorsville Completes Live Fire Exercise

Sailors aboard the Ticonderoga class guided-missile Cruiser USS Chancelorsville (CG 62) completed a live-fire test of the ship's enhanced Aegis Combat System, during an at-sea test scenario April 2.

Chancellorsville launched one Standard Missile 2 (SM-2) at an aerial drone where Aegis successfully detected, tracked and engaged the medium-altitude subsonic drone.

This was the first time the upgraded Aegis weapon system developed by Lockheed Martin, also known as Baseline 9, was used to fire a missile.

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"While a routine event for an Aegis cruiser, the successful engagement shows Baseline 9 is on track to delivering on its enormous potential," said Chancellorsville Commanding Officer Capt. Andrew Hesser.

Four additional live firing exercises are scheduled aboard the Chancellorsville before the ship's Combat System Ship Qualification Trial (CSSQT) begins later this year. The ship is the first of four Aegis cruisers scheduled for Aegis modernization.

In a statement released by Lockheed Martin, Jim Sheridan, director of U.S. Navy Aegis programs for Lockheed Martin's mission systems and training business, was quoted as saying. "Every day our customers face a growing number of threats from our adversaries, which requires a continuous evolution in capabilities," said Sheridan. "Baseline 9 as part of Aegis modernization ensures we stay one step ahead of each of those complex and sophisticated threats at a faster pace and with more technological advancements than ever before."

Chancellorsville is part of Carrier Strike Group Nine, and recently concluded a maintenance availability to install the upgrades to the Aegis weapon system.

By Lt. j.g. Alejandro Muela and Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jesse L. Gonzalez, Commander, Third Fleet Public Affairs

Source: US Navy
Date: Apr 10, 2013