Meprolight Wins 1st Order for Red Dot Weapon Sights from Latin America

Meprolight, a leading manufacturer of electro-optical systems and night vision equipment for military, law enforcement and civil applications, announced it has recently received new and repeat orders from customers in Latin America.

Among the products ordered are thousands of Red Dot Weapon Sights - MEPRO M5, destined for a customer in Latin America. The order was the first for this product from Latin America. A compact and lightweight red-dot sight weighing less than 300 grams, specifically optimized for “both eyes open” shooting. An ideal solution for light machine guns, assault rifles and sub-machine guns, the M5 features enlarged 33 x 22 display with an option for 1 or 2-MOA red-dot aiming point and four variable brightness settings. This device enables operation for thousands of hours.

The company has also reported repeat orders from customers in the region for other product lines – the NOA and NOA NYX Uncooled Thermal Weapon Sights and MEPRO MOR, a Multi-Purpose Reflex Sights:

The NOA Family of uncooled, high-performance thermal weapon sights enable observation and precision target engagement under harsh environmental conditions, at distances ranging from 300 meters for the NOA NYX and exceeding 1,000 meters for the FCS equipped NOA 7X. Four main variants are available with magnifications ranging from 1.6X, to 7X, supporting a variety of operational and tactical needs. At a weight of less than one kilogram, NOA NYX features exceptional quality F#1 optics and is designed to meet the highest MIL SPEC requirements.

A multi-purpose red dot reflex sight weighing only 450 gr., MEPRO MOR provides two integrated laser pointers - Visible Red for urban or CQB, and IR for covert operations. Designed for quick and accurate shooting with both eyes open, the MEPRO MOR enables continuous situational awareness. Effective day and night in all weather conditions, MEPRO MOR enables rapid transition between multiple long and short-range targets. The sight is capable of battery-free operation. Developed for the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), the sight is suitable for military forces, law enforcement, and Special Operations forces. 

“The product range that you see at LAAD 2013 is the result of an ongoing R&D process we pursue, in response to evolving operational needs and customer requirements” Mr. Golan Kalimi, Meprolight's VP Marketing said. “Our activity in this region continues to grow. We welcome our new customers and appreciate the repeat orders we received in this region,” Mr. Kalimi added. “This growth is further demonstration of our commitment and dedication and further indication to the high quality and reliability of our products.”

Source: Meprolight
Date: Apr 5, 2013