FMS Will Introduce Next Generation Helmet at LAAD 2013

FMS Enterprises, a leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced ballistic protection solutions, will unveil a new Ballistic helmet Shell at LAAD, April 9-12, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Israel Pavilion, Hall 4, Booth # K-34. 

Constructed from specially designed High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) Unidirectional (UD) materials, the new shell offers superior ballistic protection. At a weight of 1250 grams, it completely stops 5.56mm and 7.62mm cartridges and 7.62mm pistol steel core rounds. The new shell fully complies with the requirements of MIL-STD-662F and meets NIJ Ballistic standards.

“We are excited to announce our new helmet shell at LAAD 2013” said Oren Gruber, VP Marketing & Business Development at FMS Enterprises. “Offering new level of protection, this life saving helmet incorporates the latest technology in ballistic composite construction and advanced ergonomic design to maximize protection and comfortably integrate with other personal protection systems such as body armor.” Gruber added. The new shell is available in PASGT and MICH shapes to enhance the soldier’s aural perception assist in acquiring a sight picture.

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The helmet is chemical and water resistant. To allow for simple painting of the complete helmet the shells can be supplied with a thin aramid cover.

Apart from the new helmet shells, FMS Enterprises is displaying at LAAD 2013 its soft and hard armor products for personal protection gear and vehicle armoring:

Body Armor Product Line
FMS Enterprises’ Soft ballistic protection solutions include a wide range of UD Polyethylene and UD Aramid materials. The soft ballistic protection solutions provide the highest protection rating in soft armor, minimizing blunt trauma injury.

FMS Enterprises also produces body armor plates made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, designed to withstand both lead core and mild steel core ammunition. All plates feature a high multi-hit capability, providing the soldier with an outstanding degree of safety if hit by multiple fragments or projectiles.

Vehicle Armor Product Line
In the vehicle protection category FMS is offering flat or curved composite armor solutions for civil or military vehicles. For this application FMS offers both Pressed Aramid and pressed UHMW-PE panels, protecting against handgun bullets and fragments. For higher protection levels high-pressure pressed panels provide protection against guns and assault rifles.

Source: FMS Enterprises
Date: Apr 4, 2013