Camero is Awarded a Tender to Supply XAVER400 Tactical Through-Wall Imaging Systems to Special Forces of South American Army

Camero - a world leader and pioneer in the development and marketing of radar-based Through Wall systems - announces its award of a tender to supply XAVER™400 Tactical Through-Wall Imaging systems to the Special Forces units of a South American army. This award adds another country to the 25 others already using these systems. The company will display its well known world leading XAVER™400 at LAAD, April 9-13, Israel Pavilion, Hall 4, Stand #I-40.

A compact, lightweight, and durable personal device, the XAVER™400 tactical through-wall imaging system delivers unprecedented real-time situational awareness - enabling the observation of multiple stationary and moving objects concealed behind walls or barriers. It is optimized for the speed of tactical entries, making it ideal for tactical missions in urban areas of South America. It delivers critical information regarding the number of people and their location behind walls made of common materials. It also provides information regarding room dimensions and major infrastructure elements. The system enables simultaneous detection of both static and moving objects within a range of up to 20m, and can be operated in stand-off mode at a distance from the wall.

Extremely popular, the XAVER400 is the best-selling solution in its category in the world, and has been deployed in over 25 countries for both Military and Homeland Security applications (HLS) - such as terror activities, hostage rescue, anti-narcotics operations, and many other urban operations and missions.

Also on display, the Xaver™100 is an ultra-portable, handheld presence-of-life detector providing military, law enforcement, and search & rescue personnel with critical information in real time about the presence of life and its distance behind a wall - enabling better tactical decision-making in various operational scenarios. The Xaver 100 is ruggedized and ergonomically designed. . It has a detection range of up to 20m, and built-in wireless capability for remote operation via a PDA – supporting remote monitoring and control of up to 5 Xaver 100 units simultaneously from a single PDA.

The Xaver™800 is a portable, high-performance imaging system, providing a true 3D image of objects behind walls. The system enables quick location of people hidden by walls and barriers, and tracking of their movement patterns and orientation. It enables simultaneous detection of both static and living objects - as well as information about room dimensions and major infrastructure elements. Rich 3D imaging allows users to easily grasp the situation from multiple angles, enabling effective planning.

According to Amir Beeri, Camero's CEO, "We are very pleased to have been awarded the tender in South America, following a rigorous process during which the customer selected our system. The Xaver™400's features make it the ideal solution for use in tactical situations in the urban environments of South America. We are confident that implementation of the system by Special Forces will contribute significantly to the operational capabilities of these units." He continues, "Camero works closely with its customers on an ongoing basis in order to meet and exceed the requirements arising from the field. We invite everyone to our booth at LAAD to take a closer look at our range of solutions."

Source: Camero
Date: Apr 4, 2013