Ten years of successful partnership with the US Air Force

In 2003 as the first non U.S. company, Terma signed a Public Private partnership agreement with the U.S. Air Force. This partnership has been most successful with a steady growth in quality and quantity of Electronic Self-Protection System supplied to the U.S. Air Force and third country air forces.

AN/ALQ-213(V) selected for the USAF F-16 CAPES upgrade program
The USAF is planning to upgrade some 300 Block 40, 42, 50 and 52 F-16s with a Combat Avionics Programmed Extension Suite, CAPES. Terma’s ALQ-213 is included to provide the electronic warfare systems management as part of this program. This selection can be seen as a continuation of previous programs where Pre-Block 40 F-16s (and A-10s) were equipped with the ALQ-213 Electronic Warfare Controller. For the CAPES program Terma is offering the latest version of the ALQ-213, which will be ready for operational service by October 2013. This version has greatly improved performance, reliability and maintainability over previous versions.

The ALQ-213 when coupled with Terma’s Three Dimensional Audio Warning System provides the pilot a significant increase in situational awareness. The incorporated the Radio Channel Separation makes radio transmissions much more intelligible, and the Active Noise Reduction feature reduces aircrew fatigue level and prevents hearing loss.

Missile Warning sensors for the F-16
If needed, a missile warning system can be included in the overall EW Self -protection suite and the advanced version of the ALQ-213 is eminently suited to control and integrate any type of current and future generation sensors. Terma has recent experience from upgrading the F-16s of the Royal Danish and the Royal Norwegian Air Forces with a missile warning system (MWS) and integrating it into the overall EW suite. The MWS sensors are installed in the weapons pylons on station 3 and 7. A total of 6 sensors provide near 360 degree spherical coverage against infrared guided incoming missiles. Use of Terma’s integrated pylon solution eliminates costly aircraft structural work.  Building pylon based mission packages means fewer systems can be rotated within the fleet, leading to overall lower total costs.

Source: Terma A/S
Date: Mar 25, 2013