Eurocopter choose ORTEMS as Corporate Partner for the manufacturing planning and the maintenance in addition to its ERP SAP

Eurocopter, subsidiary of EADS, 1st worldwide helicopter manufacturer and ORTEMS N°1 in Advanced Planning and Scheduling solutions concluded a strategic corporate agreement covering manufacturing planning and maintenance (MRO):

The ORTEMS range of Agile Manufacturing solutions brings to Eurocopter, strategic planning, master production schedule, and operational planning of the assembly and elementary spare parts production activities. The solution will synchronise the procurement plans, the maintenance and repair (MRO), of equipment and components.

ORTEMS offers collaborative solutions for long-term and mid-term horizon (MPS) and short-term (scheduling) requirements with advanced functionalities integrating powerful load balancing and detailed scheduling optimization engines. A graphical interface allows extended collaborative, "what if" analysis, simulations and decision making.

Besides those unique functional capabilities, the ORTEMS solutions are SAP certified since 1996 and regularly up-graded in compliance with the new available technologies, (POI BAPI) to maximize manufacturing constraints optimisation, load balancing synchronisation and lead times reduction.

René DESVIGNES, ORTEMS CEO, declares "We are very pleased with the long-term partnership that has been established between both companies. It strengthens our vertical positioning in Complex Manufacturing activities such as Aerospace and Defence, shipbuilding, rail, and nuclear industry, machinery and equipment... industry segments for which our solutions deliver unique added value at the strategic planning level with the optimised master production planning and synchronised procurement plans and at the operational level with the effective synchronisation and optimisation of the assembly activities, spare parts production, equipment and components maintenance and  repair."

This partnership highlights the strong interest of the SAP customers for our continuous strategy of certified integration with SAP® applications.

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Source: ORTEMS
Date: Mar 18, 2013