Eurofighter Typhoon Joins New Danish Fighter Competition

Eurofighter Typhoon joins the New Danish Combat Aircraft Competition targeted at safeguarding Denmark’s national air defence. Eurofighter CEO, Enzo Casolini, said: "We welcome the invitation of the Danish Government and we are pleased to enter into this international competition. Eurofighter Typhoon is the most advanced new generation combat aircraft that can fulfill the specific Danish requirements, including Arctic surveillance. We are ready to develop a strategic partnership with Denmark and provide opportunities for significant collaboration with Europe’s leading industrial nations.”

The Eurofighter programme has strong reliability in terms of delivery and price. The aircraft itself is an effective, proven and trusted weapon system. A decision in favour of Eurofighter Typhoon would be a long-term investment into Denmark’s security and defence. Selecting Eurofighter Typhoon which is fully NATO-compatible would lead to reduced costs for Denmark with respect to logistics, training and interoperability during coalition missions.

Source: Eurofighter
Date: Mar 15, 2013