Jeppesen First to Receive Aeronautical Data Letters of Acceptance from both FAA and EASA

(ENGLEWOOD, COLO., August 18, 2005) -- Jeppesen is the first aeronautical navigation database provider to receive letters of acceptance from two major aviation authorities—the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The letters of acceptance signify that Jeppesen has in place a robust quality system for the production and processing of high integrity aeronautical data that complies with the criteria for required navigation performance (RNP) and precision area navigation (P-RNAV) concepts. The increased precision of RNP and P-RNAV allows authorities to design routes that best meet the needs of airports, air traffic control and pilots. This often means shorter, more direct routes with efficient connections to the enroute structure. RNP and P-RNAV procedures are expected to be issued and available for use later this year. Jeppesen was audited by both the FAA and EASA and was deemed to be in compliance with stringent conditions regarding data integrity, internal data capture, verification, and data management processes. Jeppesen’s databases comply with the requirements set forth in each agency’s guidance documents, which are based on the standards for processing aeronautical data known as EUROCAE ED-76 and RTCA DO-200A. “Jeppesen maintains a strong focus on the quality needs of our customers around the world,” said Sandy Stedman, Jeppesen vice president responsible for quality, standards and industry relations. “Because of our global presence, we obtained letters of acceptance from both EASA and FAA. We feel this is a significant accomplishment, and one that further validates our position as the leader in worldwide navigation data.” Jeppesen is recognized as the world's foremost provider of information solutions in the aviation and maritime markets. Jeppesen's portfolio includes: worldwide flight information, flight operations services, international trip planning services, aviation weather services and aviation training systems. Jeppesen's marine division will soon produce a full line of navigation solutions and global maritime data services. Jeppesen has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, China and Russia. Jeppesen is a subsidiary of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, a unit of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Contact: Eric Anderson 303-328-4767

Source: Jeppesen
Date: Aug 18, 2005