Honeywell Receives FAA Supplemental Type Certification For AW139 Zing HUMS 1134

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced that its onboard Zing Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) 1134 has received FAA approval for the Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for installation on AW139 helicopters. This STC, developed in partnership with Air Concepts International, will enable current and new production AW139 operators to select Honeywell's Zing HUMS 1134 system at a lower cost.

What is HUMS?

Honeywell's Zing HUMS solutions are sensor-based monitoring systems that continuously monitor aircraft flight data and vibration at numerous points throughout the drivetrain, determine component health and pinpoint anomalies before they become catastrophic failures. Honeywell HUMS solutions provide helicopter operators with actionable information that enables them to anticipate mechanical failures, make anticipatory maintenance decisions and act only when maintenance is actually necessary — on-condition maintenance rather than at predefined intervals. On-condition maintenance allows maintenance personnel to do only the appropriate repairs, minimizing spare parts cost, system downtime and time spent on maintenance.

Standard Features of Zing HUMS 1134

  • Direct installation for those operating an AW139 without HUMS; it's also available as an upgrade to the existing Honeywell VXP onboard system for advanced functionality
  • Advanced HUMS functionality meeting CAA CAP753 and CAP739 requirements
  • Neural Network-based, regime-triggered data acquisition that automatically collects data without operation intervention
  • Constant aircraft monitoring with main and tail rotor track and balance and in-flight engine vibration monitoring
  • HFDM/FOQA data recording for each flight is exportable to most popular replay software and can be used for training, post-flight debriefing and maintenance troubleshooting
  • Easy data download with a single-point download for both vibration and flight data, and most data calculations and analysis are performed onboard, reducing file size and download time

Additional Options Available for Zing HUMS 1134

A Honeywell Service Level Agreement is available for data analysis, data archiving and storage on an iMDS Web server that seamlessly integrates with PC-GBS software, providing the following:

  • Automatic data movement from site computer to server without manual FTP data movement
  • Easy and global access that allows users to view data from anywhere in the world
  • Comprehensive customer support that offers operators several levels of service from data storage to data analysis and engineering
  • Advanced Anomaly Detection capability for server-based data analysis

Supporting Quote:

Brian Sill, vice president, Defense & Space Americas Aftermarket, Honeywell
"Some of our customers have reported 15–20 percent savings in part replacement costs, 5–10 percent reductions in maintenance man hours and reduced check flights for first-time rotor track and balance. Platform readiness has improved by 5–8 percent, which equates to one additional 'ready' aircraft per 20 aircraft in operation. We believe that the Zing HUMS 1134 onboard system will be an excellent option for all AW139 operators, particularly those supporting the oil and gas industry and VIP and corporate operations."

Source: Honeywell International, Inc. (NYSE: HON)
Date: Mar 8, 2013