Indra Modernizes Nigerian Aeronautic Comunication Systems

Indra has completed the implementation of its voice communications system in 13 Nigerian airports. This solution has noticeably improved air traffic management and safety in a country that depends on this type of transport to a large extent.

Indra has implemented its traffic and communications management and air navigation systems in over 3,000 installations in 140 countries, with over 90 years of experience.

The multinational has implemented its SDC-2000 Rev. 2.0 voice communications system in different Nigerian airports. The system is based on VoIP technology and complies with the latest European standards (Eurocae), which are currently being implemented in other countries of the remaining continents.

The system guarantees a reliable and quality link between the controller and pilot, covering wide areas of the country. The operator has a user-friendly access to the radio and telephony services, which are fully monitored and supervised by the management system (TMCS).

The multinational has strengthened its position in Africa with this contract. The company was responsible for a major airport modernization project in Kenya. It has been collaborating with navigation service providers in the North of the continent for many years, as the supplier of air traffic management systems in countries such as Tunisia and Morocco.

Source: Indra
Date: Mar 7, 2013