C4ISR Summit - Abu Dhabi

Maximising situational awareness and informational superiority via C4ISR translates not only into an operational advantage on the battlefield but an advantage in all domains, including air, land, sea, space, and most recently, cyberspace. Attaining the cutting edge C4ISR capabilities technology will ultimately enable rapid response to emerging threats in a dynamic and changing region.

The question on the minds of the GCC and regional military commanders responsible for increasing situational awareness and interoperability via the integration of C4ISR capabilities technology is how to further attain a more complete integration of C4ISR systems across air, land, and sea domains.

A variety of multi-billion dollar infrastructure security projects in development across the region have C4ISR at their core. Key projects include the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior Modernisation Programme, which requires the integration of C4ISR systems and supporting infrastructure across 900kms of the Saudi Arabian land border with Iraq in addition to its southern land border with Yemen. In the United Arab Emirates, the first phase of the UAE Command and Control System (ECCS) is currently under development. This major C4ISR project aims to maximize the combined efficiency of the UAE Armed Forces through the federation, integration, and coordination of UAE military assets.

Attend the C4ISR Summit and learn & meet:

Key themes

  • Envisioning a C4ISR acquisition and application strategy in line with the dynamic changes occurring in the region
  • Developing and integrating C4ISR systems across all divisions of the armed forces in order to combat emerging regional threats
  • Assessing current gaps in C4ISR faced by countries in the GCC and an overview of the potential solutions being considered
  • Ensuring early and adequate training to maximise efficiency and use of C4ISR systems
  • Air surveillance and reconnaissance including unmanned aerial systems
  • Integrating existing and planned air and missile defence systems

Keynote speakers

  • H.E. Dr. Abdullatif Bin Rashid Al Zayani, Secretary General, Gulf Cooperation Council
  • Major General Ret. Sadek Al Juhaiman, Senior Consultant for MoD C4I Project, Ministry of Defence
  • Major General Steven Smith, Commander, 335th, U.S. Army Central Command
  • Rear Admiral Arnaud Coustilliere, Officer General of Cyber Defence, Ministry of Defence
  • Rear Admiral Antonio Gamiero Marques, Chief Information Officer, Portuguese Navy

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Source: ASDEvents.com
Date: Mar 5, 2013