Thales is supplying the German Armed Forces with thermal imaging observation equipment

The Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has awarded Thales the contract for the manufacture and supply of ten sets of Sophie XF Type long-range cooled thermal imagers. The order also extends to logistical support, documentation and training. The agreed delivery date is for the autumn of 2013. Sophie XF is designed to complement around 100 previous systems used by the German Armed Forces.

Sophie XF is a hand-held, multi-functional thermal imaging device with laser range finder, daylight camera and position sensor (GPS receiver and digital compass). The continuous optical zoom makes the high optical performance capability very easy to utilise. The German Armed Forces will use this long-range imager for surveillance, target acquisition and identification and determining the coordinates of these targets at night and in adverse visibility conditions. What makes Sophie XF distinctive is its multitude of measurement and recording options, low-weight, longer-life batteries and reduced noise generation. "We are delighted with this follow-up procurement order, which will provide the user with an innovative, user-friendly device with a wide range of applications", said Holger Brandt, Vice President Defence & Security Systems Thales Deutschland, commenting on the contract.

Source: Thales Group (Paris: HO.PA)
Date: Feb 26, 2013