Selex ES wins EUR 22 M for the supply of PAR 2090 CF to French AF

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, signed a contract with the Direction Géneral de l’Armement (DGA) of the French Ministry of Defence, worth about 22 million Euros to provide six Precision Approach Radar systems, in the fixed version 2090CF. The contract also includes post sales logistic support.

The systems will be delivered to the French Air Force which can rely on 15 PAR systems already in use.

PAR is an X Band Radar system that assists military aeroplane pilots during approach phases. The system, available in naval and land versions, makes precise instrumental landing possible even in bad weather conditions (intense rain, wind, fog) and poor visibility. Selex ES PAR is able to manage multiple aircraft simultaneously (up to 32) within its field of view (10° in elevation, +/-15° of azimuth coverage). Precision and accuracy exceed ICAO requirements and ensure optimum detection and distinction of targets.

The Precision Approach Radar  has been developed and produced since 1980. More than 50 systems have already been delivered to several countries and many of the new generation systems are under delivery.

The new contract represents an important success for the Finmeccanica company confirming the reliability of the Precision Approach Radar and the confidence of the customer towards Selex ES and its products.

Source: Selex ES
Date: Feb 6, 2013