Helping to detect snipers

The POS-NEOS turrets will form an integral part of CILAS’s SLD500-LR sniper detectors, which employ active laser imaging and high-definition camera technology to pinpoint threats at long distances.

Hugues Potié, vice president engineering and production, CILAS, said, “iXBlue’s POS-NEOS system provides the accurate motion characteristics, reliability and configurational flexibility essential for this critical application. Through a strong combination of exceptional components, we can provide customers with what we believe is the ultimate sniper detector.”

Loic Himmesoete, regional sales manager, iXBlue, responded, “The POS-NEOS turret offers a highly robust solution that is easy to integrate with no compromise on performance, making it an attractive solution in a wide range of controlled scanning applications.”

The POS-NEOS system is an extremely precise, military-standard pointing/tracking device capable of supporting and targeting optoelectronic instruments or antennae or other payloads weighing up to 40 kg. iXBlue’s extensive mechatronics know-how has been used to design a system that combines both high performance and precise control.

With POS-NEOS, on-the-move gyro-stabilization is possible; the turrets are compact, rugged, highly portable, easy to use and have very low power consumption. Installations of POS-NEOS systems continue to multiply in a range of demanding surveillance, detection and communication applications on land and at sea.

Source: iXBlue
Date: Feb 5, 2013