Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland all set for AMHS

Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland have selected the German specialist COMSOFT to supply an integrated AMHS solution for various military services throughout the country. Upon completion of factory acceptance in December the system was delivered within only 45 calendar days after signing of the contract end of October.

The system with installation sites in Warsaw, Bydgoszcz and Deblin comprises both the central AMHS/AFTN switch as well as fully integrated ATN Directory Servers. These ATN Directory Servers ensure that network configuration data such as addressing information can be globally exchanged with other ATN Directory Servers.

COMSOFT’s terminal system CADAS spread over whole of Poland will enable the various services of the Armed Forces to directly access centrally stored information such as flight plans and other ATC-related messages.

Terminals simultaneously process AFTN and AMHS messaging on one single platform and handle both the new and old ICAO flight plan format according to ICAO Doc 4444, Amendment 1. In addition, CADAS supports the national procedures applicable to Airspace Management.

The sophisticated AMHS system of COMSOFT’s brand AIDA-NG allows for the exchange of messages between the Armed Forces and the civil Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA). PANSA also operates an AMHS System of the same type which was complemented by COMSOFT`s flight plan converter AIDA-FPL in November 2012.

Among other benefits, AMHS communications support the exchange of upcoming XML-based data formats such as for Flight Objects, Digital NOTAMs and meteorological data, a feature which has not been available in purely text-oriented AFTN networks.

Source: Comsoft
Date: Jan 31, 2013