Harris Awarded $31 M International Critical Communications System Contract

More than 6,500 emergency responders in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago — including the military, law enforcement agencies and government officials — soon will communicate on a single nationwide, state-of-the-art, standards-based Harris Corporation radio system.

Harris (NYSE:HRS), an international communications and information technology company, has been awarded a $31 million contract for a Public Safety Access Point (PSAP) and 800 MHz P25 (Project 25) trunked radio system for the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. The Harris public safety solution will be a unified, national secure communications system that is fully interoperable and will seamlessly connect public safety and Armed Forces personnel through the Harris' VIDA(r) network and Harris Falcon military radios currently in use.

The Harris VIDA network will efficiently utilize the country's existing UHF frequency and provide Trinidad and Tobago's first responders with increased radio coverage.

The solution creates a flexible platform ready for the quick and easy addition of future equipment to meet operational requirements for the Ministry of National Security and other government agencies.

"The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago selected Harris' P25 communication system because it gives us the capabilities we require and uniquely enables us to extend interoperable communications among our military and civilian emergency teams," said Mr. Glenn Shah, director of Communications Network, Ministry of National Security, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. "With the Harris solution, our first responders, the military and our government agencies will be able to use the latest in digital radio technology to efficiently communicate."

Harris will replace the existing hybrid public safety communications systems across both Caribbean islands with a single all-digital, robust and reliable PSAP and P25 system. The solution will support the 21st Century Policing Initiative underway.

"Trinidad and Tobago is connecting both public safety and Armed Forces first responders through a single technology solution," said Steve Marschilok, president, Harris Public Safety and Professional Communications. "With the Harris solution, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is positioned for the next level of emergency communications — such as nationwide situational awareness, mapping and dispatch — to effectively coordinate tactical and public safety response."

Source: Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS)
Date: Jan 28, 2013