Harris Receives $36 M from NATO Country for Falcon Handheld Radios and Accessories

Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS), an international communications and information technology company, has received $36 million in orders from a NATO member for Falcon III® handheld tactical radios and accessories. The radios will provide the country's armed forces with high-performance handheld tactical communications for both line-of-sight and beyond line-of-sight satellite applications. The orders include a $14 million order received in the first quarter and a $22 million order received in the second quarter of fiscal 2013.

Harris will provide the country with Falcon III® AN/PRC-152(C) tactical radios, related accessories and support services. The solution, upgradeable to emerging requirements, will allow soldiers to maintain communications in rapidly changing tactical environments.

"The Harris AN/PRC-152 is the world's leading solution in secure, handheld military communications, with more than 160,000 radios deployed," said Brendan O'Connell, president, international business, Harris RF Communications. "This radio will enable personnel to maintain voice and data connectivity throughout their missions, even when operating in remote areas with limited line-of-sight."

The AN/PRC-152(C) is the most widely fielded NSA Type-1 and Software Communications Architecture certified handheld radio. The radio has been widely deployed by NATO as well as other members of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. The radio provides capabilities such as SINCGARS interoperability, ultra high-frequency ground-to-ground line-of-sight communications, close-air support and programmable encryption.

The Falcon III AN/PRC-152 line of radios includes both the AN/PRC-152(C) and the new AN/PRC-152A wideband handheld systems.

Source: Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS)
Date: Jan 18, 2013