Innocon Expands its Mini UAS Products Line

Innocon is delighted to announce the expansion of its lightest UAVS family, MicroFalcon, with the successful test flights qualification of the Spider sUAS. The MicroFalcon family provides high quality intelligence and surveillance information required for both the civil and HLS markets, as well as for military over the hill missions. 

Innocon’s Mini UAS family incorporates now the Spider, the MicroFalcon UAS and the MicroFalcon LE - all, unlike most Mini UASs in the market and in a similar operation method of the tactical UAS, carry the camera on its belly, enabling a full and intuitive view of the bottom hemisphere.

In addition, all UASs are equipped with the company’s proprietary command and control systems, Naviator. Combined and interoperable onboard and ground-based computers feature modular software, enabling unprecedented levels o f flight, automatic take-off and landing control capabilities. 

The Spider was constructed according to the market’s requirement for a sUAS designed to be carried and operated by a single operator only, with day and night operational capability, at the weight of 2.5Kg.

The MicroFalcon is a 6Kg UAS with endurance of up to 2 hours, and the MicroFalcon LE is 10Kg UAS with endurance of up to 3.5 hours. Both were qualified for flights at severe weather conditions with both day and night operation capability. 

The MicroFalcon UAS types are also unique with their innovative structure of tandem configuration constructed as box which contributes to the MicroFalcon high survivability and fast redeployment time cycle.

Source: Innocon
Date: Jan 7, 2013