Indra Implements its 2nd Airbus A320 Level D Simulator in China

Indra has delivered the second Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator (FSS) to Beijing Capital, one of the two systems acquired. Likewise, Indra, the technology multinational, has become the first company to commission and implement a helicopter simulator on Chinese territory, with the collaboration of Eurocopter.

As regards the A320 simulator, the system has been commissioned and is ready for service after achieving the Level D certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), which certifies the maximum possible level of realism. The solution successfully passed the first tests, in compliance with the CCAR60 regulations.

The new A320 Full Flight Simulator is currently implemented in the pilot training centre of Hainan Airlines, in the city of Sanya, Island of Hainan. This is a twin-engine simulator that can simulate the two types of engines (IAE and CFM) that can be equipped on A320 airplanes. This new functionality expands the number of pilots that can be trained with the same system, which offers the maximum degree of realism.

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Indra's A320 simulators are the first in the market to incorporate the simulation of the communications environment between the pilot, control centres and tower (Air Traffic Control communications). They also excel as solutions with an advanced visual system that has been fully developed by the company.

The first ‘Chinese’ helicopter simulator

On the other hand, last September, Indra became the first company in the world to be certified by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) for the implementation of a Full Flight Simulator (FFS) for helicopters.

The company implemented its EC-225 Level B simulator at Airbus' pilot training centre in Beijing. This helicopter simulator is the first to ‘fly' on Chinese territory.

This has been achieved thanks to the collaboration agreement signed between Indra and Eurocopter in April 2011, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The purpose of this agreement is to progressively introduce training systems that facilitate and improve the preparation of Chinese pilots.

The Chinese airspace liberalisation process will allow new helicopter operators to operate in this country. Currently, only the Administration and a limited number of companies are authorised to do so.

Such a change in the regulations will lead to an exponential increase in the demand for training services. Indra and Eurocopter have consolidated their position as industry leaders by offering this type of training system to the Asian giant.

The EC225 simulator represents one of Eurocopter's most modern aircraft, designed to transport passengers, for search and rescue missions, as well as to participate in natural disaster operations, extinguish fires and participate in emergency situations, among other tasks. In addition to the EC225 simulators, Indra has also developed different civil helicopter simulators for police surveillance operations: AS350, EC135 or EC145, among others.

Source: Indra
Date: Dec 17, 2012