Barco partners with ST Electronics Training & Simulation Systems

Visualization pioneer Barco announced today that it has signed a Service Partnership Agreement with ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) in Singapore to provide first-level support services for Barco’s Training & Simulation products in the Southeast Asia region.

Barco provides high-quality display systems for training and simulation programs in a number of markets, ranging from flight and air traffic control to ship navigation and driving instruction. As Barco’s Training & Simulation business is growing rapidly across the Southeast Asia region, the company has decided to work with a local service partner to provide customers with top-quality service and support more efficiently.

ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) is well established as one of the largest systems integrators for simulation display systems in Southeast Asia. As part of the partnership, Barco will provide regular in-depth product training to ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) engineers, and in turn ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) will stock spare parts and consumables for Barco’s products.

Serving six countries
Aaron Koh, Deputy Air Business Division Manager, ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems), commented: “ST Electronics is very pleased to have Barco as a partner in our region. We will provide Barco customers with expert first-level service support during regular office hours, on-site intervention, and problem diagnosis. In the area of hardware support, we will also provide support for consumables and parts.”

“This service agreement covers six countries: Singapore, the Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar,” added Glenn De Vos, Director Customer Services, Barco Simulation. “Most of Barco’s SIM series of simulation projectors are included in this agreement. We are very excited to have ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) as a partner – their skills will help us fulfill our commitment to provide our customers with the very best services.”

Source: Barco
Date: Dec 5, 2012