US 5th Fleet has not lost any drones: spokesman

A spokesman for the US Fifth Fleet based in the Gulf said Tuesday the American navy has not lost any of its drones, shortly after Iran claimed it captured a small unmanned US spy plane over Gulf waters.

"All our active unmanned aerial vehicles working here have been accounted for," US 5th spokesman Commander Jason Salata told AFP.

"Nothing lost recently, in months," in the area of operation for the Fifth fleet, which stretches from the Gulf to the Horn of Africa, he said.

Salata said all of the Fifth Fleet's operations in the Gulf "are in compliance with international law," implying that any flights conducted were outside of Iranian airspace.

Earlier Tuesday, Iran claimed to have captured a ScanEagle drone, a small unamanned surveillance aircraft often used by the US Navy.

It said its Revolutionary Guards' naval arm caught the drone in Iranian airspace over Gulf waters, but gave no details how the vehicle was captured, nor exactly where or when.

by Mohammad Davari © 2012 AFP

Source: AFP
Date: Dec 4, 2012