Elbit Announces Details of Flight Training Center for Future Trainer Aircraft Program

Elbit Systems Ltd. announced the details of its flight training center, which it will establish and operate as part of the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD) contract awarded in September 2012 to TOR - Advanced Flight Training, a jointly-owned company of Elbit Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries. TOR was established to carry out the Israeli Air Force’s (IAF) future trainer aircraft program for the Aermacchi M3461 training aircraft.

With the introduction of the M346I trainer aircraft, more emphasis will be given to ground-based training for the IAF’s flight school cadets, combat pilots and navigators. Elbit Systems' ground training center will incorporate a wide variety of cutting edge trainers and simulators while offering the experience of real flight. The cadet pilots and navigators will drill skills ranging from basic familiarity with the aircraft to the highest level of combat flight competence. In addition, Elbit Systems' array of training aircraft simulators will enable flight school cadets to practice unusual and emergency flight procedures, and at a more advanced level, to simulate complex combat scenarios acting as solo pilots or as part of a formation. The ground-based flight training center is expected to begin operation in mid-2014.      

Once ground-based training is completed, the cadets will proceed to airborne training using Elbit Systems' EVATM (Embedded Virtual Avionics) which allows the trainee to gain vital experience operating advanced systems, such as radar, optical sensors and early warning systems, as well as virtual weapons.

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Elbit Systems' Aerospace Division’s VP for Training and Simulation, Alon Afik, commented: "Once again, Elbit Systems is honored to play a part in the training of the IAF’s flight school. The selection of this array of flight trainers and simulators for the IAF's new trainer aircraft is yet another vote of confidence in our extensive training and simulation capabilities."

Blending combat experience with today’s innovative simulation technologies, Elbit Systems offers operational and tactical, virtual and embedded trainers and simulators to leading air forces worldwide. Our modular, flexible training solutions for airborne systems are designed to evolve and grow with customer needs. We offer computer-based trainers, partial task trainers, full mission trainers and complete training centers that comprise mission planning systems, simulators and debriefing systems. Our advanced combat training system introduces a cutting-edge training concept for lead-in trainers as well as fighter aircraft. Based on data link technologies incorporated into navigation and display systems, the system generates virtual sensors and systems as well as multiple types of threats – both airborne and ground. We provide customized training and ongoing logistic support solutions for virtually any platform type.

Source: Elbit Systems Ltd.
Date: Dec 3, 2012