Eurocopter's X3 American tour: SDV provides top-notch logistics

In the framework of the technology demonstrator tour of the X3 in the U.S., taking place from June 20 to July 26, SDV has been entrusted X3’s transport by Eurocopter starting from France to the U.S., as well as local logistics support.

SDV’s first challenge was the organization of air transport for the aircraft, a first for this unique model of a revolutionary concept which combines a main rotor system along with plane propellers.

The X3 was loaded specifically on a military base located in Istres, France, onto an Antonov 124 at destination of Dallas Alliance Airport (U.S.) where it was unloaded after clearing customs. Then, a warehouse was made available at the airport to reassemble the helicopter and ensure the aircraft’s operational readiness.

The Demo Tour made its debut with the installations of American Eurocopter at Grand Prairie, TX, and finished its loop with an impressing flight over the Pentagon, in Washington, D.C. After the X3’s take-off in Dallas, SDV sent all the maintenance equipment, including one of Eurocopter’s mobile workshops, towards the first demonstration site in Grand Prairie, TX, and the 4 other demonstration stopovers (Huntsville AL, Fort Bragg NC, Manassas VA, Richmond VA) of the aircraft within a very short time frame.

While mobilizing its AOG 24/7 coordination cell, SDV had to be able to ship emergency spare parts at all times from Europe to the prototype’s flight points.

The mission was carried out perfectly by SDV’s project team in France (Marignane) and in the United States, in connection with Eurocopter in the two countries: according to schedule the machine was transported to Dallas and delivered in perfect condition. Logistics coordination was also failsafe all along the Demo Tour despite frequent change of plans that often came up at the last minute.

Source: SDV Logistique Internationale
Date: Nov 21, 2012