Commanders and Officers in the Royal Netherlands Army will Train in a Variety of Fighting Scenarios with the Help of Elbit New CST

The trainer is capable for training battalion and brigade and higher levels headquarters in a full spectrum of operations, including military missions training and operations other than war, combined with the civilian sector operations

Elbit Systems Ltd. announced today that it has supplied an advanced training and simulation solution for the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA). The system enables all levels of staff training with support for joint NATO missions. RNLA operational units will use the system during 2013 for command and staff exercises. In addition, the trainer will facilitate concept development and experimentation (CD&E) as well as mission rehearsal events.

The CST system is designed for training battalion, brigade and higher levels, encompassing a wide range of fighting scenarios - both low and high intensity conflicts, as well as other non-military settings, such as operations other than war (OOTW). Furthermore, the CST enables training for civil-military cooperation (CIMIC) – such as military forces operating with municipal authorities, police and medical organizations such as the Red Cross.

Situated at operational headquarters, the CST's advanced high level architecture makes it suitable for the specific needs of every trainee and combines full training with qualitative debriefing. The simulation integrates with command, control and communications systems using Battle Management Language (BML) protocols. With the help of a user friendly interface and advanced artificial intelligence, the trainer also enables minimal use of personnel and thus lowers training costs as well.

Elbit Systems operates across the entire spectrum of military training and simulation systems, in Israel and throughout the world, utilizing its advanced technological capabilities, particularly in the area of software for complex project systems, as well as in the upgrade of military platforms.

Source: Elbit Systems Ltd.
Date: Nov 20, 2012