SELEX SI at Airshow China 2012

SELEX Sistemi Integrati, a Finmeccanica company, world leader in design and manufacturing of systems and radars for defence and air traffic control management and airport systems, takes part at the 2012 edition of Airshow China, taking place at the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition Center in Zhuhai, China, from 13th to 18th November.

The mastery of technologies and critical capabilities in the domain of Systems of Systems enables the company to offer global solutions for Air Traffic Management Systems, including turnkey airport systems. From meteorological systems to ATC sensors, from ground stations to airspace traffic management, the company offers a total capability portfolio, proposing itself as an ideal technological partner for turn-key infrastructures. SELEX Sistemi Integrati has provided radar systems and centres in more than 150 countries worldwide. Its continuous success confirms SELEX Sistemi Integrati as one of the leading companies in the ATM domain.

Moreover, the steady commitment of SELEX Sistemi Integrati in the international field to define new standards for air traffic management systems, is confirmed by its presence in the main international programmes such as SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research).

The subsidiary companies SELEX Systems Integration Ltd. (ATM activities), SELEX Systems Integration GmbH (meteorological expertise) and SELEX Systems Integration Inc. (navaids) further enforce the capability of the company to be a total solution provider in the ATM domain.

Located in Kansas, the American subsidiary SELEX Sistemi Integrati inc., in particular, provides a complete line of ground based navigation and landing aids, and is a premier supplier of systems, equipment and services to aid the in-flight navigation, landing and ground movement of aircrafts under all visibility conditions. 

In China SELEX Sistemi Integrati has been present with its air traffic control systems for a long time, besides providing maintenance services, logistic support and upgrades for already delivered systems. Thanks to the most recent contract, signed in 2010 with the  Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), and dealing with  the installation of six mode S secondary radars, the company has become the first air traffic control systems supplier in China. With the new contract, SELEX Sistemi Integrati, which in the last twenty years has sold several air traffic radar systems in China, has equipped a total of 50 airports, essentially based on ATCR33-K, SIR-M, SIR-S, ATCR44-K systems, deputed to manage about 50% of the Chinese air traffic.

At Airshow China 2012 SELEX Sistemi Integrati displays its capabilities in the air traffic control management systems by presenting SATCAS, SELEX Sistemi Integrati’s solution for air traffic management and control, GAINS (Ground-Air INtegrated Solution), an A-SMGCS  (Advanced – Surface movements and ground control system), and an ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance –Broadcast) station.

SATCAS Standard Air Traffic Control Automation System
SATCAS is the latest generation of SELEX Sistemi Integrati air traffic control systems, which integrates a wide range of products and tools to comply with operational requirements and air traffic management environment, ranging from large, nation-wide, en route area control centres to small approach control units. The suite of SATCAS products and tools provides heterogeneous surveillance data integration, accurate trajectory prediction, advanced ATC tools, advanced operational display, air-ground data exchange and  two-ways interoperability for civil and military missions.

SATCAS results from the company outstanding experience in air traffic management, also based on the active participation in international initiatives, promoted by ICAO, EUROCONTROL, and EUROCAE.

GAINS (Ground-Air INtegrated Solution) is a modular and flexible A-SMGCS (Advanced – Surface movements and ground control system) designed to be deployed at a wide range of different airports. GAINS supports the full integration between tower, approach and en-route air traffic management centres, through the sharing of surveillance, flight, safety net and meteo data, assuring the labelling continuity (track/call sign association) and the silent transfer of control between Tower and APP ATCOs (hand-over). The Tower Control Working Position presented integrates the new COTS technology of Tablet/touch screen display, fully dedicated to the Electronic Flight Strip Management, from which the controller is able to automatically insert all the system orders toward the flight data processor with a simple pen-touch on the screen. The recorded data are integrated through an ADS-B ground station. 

MXC (Mode-S eXtended squitter Capability) is a high performance ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) Ground Station for en-route, terminal and airport surveillance application, compliant with the 1090 MHz Mode-S Extended Squitter standard. MXC distributes the collected surveillance information to ground ATM systems and is also capable to receive and decode other Mode S defined messages transmitted by aircraft in reply to interrogations made by Mode S radars. 

Source: SELEX Sistemi Integrati
Date: Nov 13, 2012