Jet Aviation St. Louis to deliver its 200th green aircraft completion by year's end

Jet Aviation St. Louis is on track to deliver its 200th green completion in December. Continuous improvement initiatives have increased the efficiency of the completions process and resulted in improved delivery times.

With the 16 most recent aircraft delivering ahead of schedule, Jet Aviation St. Louis has developed proven systems for building highly customized aircraft in an efficient way. The company has implemented 5S and Lean technologies and established a Continuous Improvement department.

“Our completions experience has made us experts at building aircraft and at building the tools we use to manage the aircraft production process,” said Chuck Krugh, senior vice president and general manager, Jet Aviation St. Louis. “From improved data management to shop floor layout, we have looked at every variable involved in the process and worked to make it better.”

Jet Aviation St. Louis has completed 197 aircraft in its history, but it began its completion business in earnest in 1997 with its first Challenger 601 completion. The pace has accelerated considerably in recent years, with 97 aircraft delivered since 2008. 

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Source: Jet Aviation
Date: Nov 9, 2012