1st Armoured SISU 8x8 military truck delivery to Estonia

Sisu Defence Oy has delivered the first Armoured SISU 8x8 military truck for Estonian Forces. The delivery was received by the Estonian Air Force in the beginning of November 2012.

The truck delivery is part of Ground Master air surveillance system supplied by French Thales-Raytheon Systems Company to Estonian Ministry of Defence. In the air surveillance system, the Armoured SISU 8x8 trucks serve as Radar Carrier Vehicles. SISU 8x8 Radar Carrier Vehicle has an integrated hydraulic stabilizer system with automatic control that brings the radar in level position also when the vehicle stands on inclined or uneven surface.

In the Ground Master air surveillance system there is also SISU 4x4 trucks that serve as Ancillary Vehicles.

The Ground Master radars are a range of versatile air defense radars dedicated to the protection of key assets and expeditionary forces. These systems are specifically designed to deliver high detection performance, high track accuracy suitable for weapon assignment, high operational availability and simplified maintenance as well as high mobility. They are able to detect a vast array of modern threats, including UAVs, missiles, mortars and rockets, from very low to very high altitude (Source: ThalesRaytheonSystems).

SISU 8x8 Radar Carrier Vehicles belong to the series of Armoured SISU Military Trucks already in service also with Lithuanian, and with Finnish Forces.

The versatile SISU 8x8 military trucks are currently in service, for example, as radar carrier vehicles, missile launcher vehicles, fire fighting vehicles, cargo transporters and recovery vehicles. At the moment, these Armoured Trucks are fielded in UN and NATO led operations in Lebanon, and in Afghanistan.

Source: Sisu Defence Oy
Date: Nov 8, 2012