Airborne Systems Delivers Full Rate Production Type Classified JPADS 10K Systems to US Army

Airborne Systems, a division of HDT Global, is pleased to announce that the JPADS 10K (Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System), capable of carrying payloads up to 10,000 lbs., is undergoing its full rate production phase. The first 243 type classified systems will be delivered by April, 2013. The DragonFly™, designed and developed by Airborne Systems, was selected by the U.S. Army for development in its Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System 10,000 lb. (JPADS 10K) program. It is the second type classified JPADS platform to be fielded by the U.S. Department of Defense. In May 2007, the US Army selected the Airborne Systems’ FireFly™ as the basis for the Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System 2,000 lb. (JPADS 2K) program.  To date, Airborne Systems has sold more than 2,500 JPADS 2K and FireFly systems and more than 250 JPADS 10K and DragonFly systems to U.S. and international customers. 

Airborne Systems’ JPADS development and production capability is unique among manufacturers of precision airdrop technology.  The JPADS 2K and the JPADS 10K have the distinct honor of serving as the sole type classified JPADS platforms owned and operated by the U.S. Department of Defense.

The JPADS 10K and DragonFly™, like JPADS 2K and FireFly™, are a fully autonomous cargo delivery systems that employs Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and an advanced guidance navigation and control algorithm to accurately fly, drop and deliver cargo from the air, in varying payload dimensions, to targeted ground locations. All systems are capable of deployment at 25,000 ft. and can land within 150 meters (250 meters for the JPADS 10K  and DragonFly™) of the designated impact point, keeping the deploying air crew safe while reducing the vulnerability of ground troops receiving the cargo.

The JPADS 10K allows for greater flexibility in the weight and dimension of supplies that troops can receive by air. With the JPADS 10K system, the military can deliver items ranging from 5,000 lbs. to 10,000 lbs. in various shapes and sizes. “This capability expands on the type classified JPADS 2K system that is capable of carrying 2,000 lb. payloads via Container Delivery System (CDS). Unlike the 2K, the 10K system can also be used with the Type V airdrop platform which can accommodate vehicles and artillery pieces, and has the potential to deliver generators, shelters and other unevenly shaped items,” explained Aaron Mebust, JPADS Program Manager for Airborne Systems.

“Having the ability to rapidly respond to varying supply requirements and deliver materials to remote locations accurately and safely makes it possible for our military forces to react quickly to mission changes. Airborne Systems is proud to have yet another product selected as system of choice for the US Department of Defense. In reaching the fielding milestone, the JPADS 10K will now give the U.S. Army an additional tool to support military efforts in theater,” expressed Mebust.

Airborne Systems designs, develops and manufactures a family of GPADS (Guided Precision Delivery Systems) platforms (DragonFly™, FireFly™, MicroFly™, MegaFly™, GigaFly™, FlyClops™)  which are capable of delivering a wide range of payloads from 200 lbs. to 42,000 lbs. All platforms operate with a common algorithm, user interface and mission planner. The commonality of components reduces material cost and simplifies training requirements.

Source: Airborne Systems
Date: Nov 8, 2012