Jet Aviation St. Louis forges ahead with Embraer services

Jet Aviation St. Louis is the first company to install Honeywell’s DU-875 flight deck upgrade in an Embraer Legacy 600. The company also recently gained approval for the Legacy 650.

The company recently performed a technological first in a Legacy 600 aircraft by installing the Honeywell DU-
875 flight deck upgrade. It is the first time the DU-875 system has been installed in a Legacy 600. Jet Aviation St. Louis also has installed the system in Bombardier Global Express aircraft.

The new Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) DU-875 is capable of displaying XM Weather and paperless charts. The system incorporates an LED backlight and patented wide-angle visibility technology. The upgraded system weighs less than previous displays and is more reliable.

Jet Aviation St. Louis also recently received approval to perform base maintenance on Embraer Legacy 650 aircraft.

“A team of technicians has been trained to support the airframe,” said Chuck Krugh, senior vice president and general manager, Jet Aviation St. Louis. “We also have increased tooling, parts and other materials needed to support the aircraft.”

Source: Jet Aviation
Date: Nov 1, 2012