Fidelity Partners With Cubewano

Fidelity Technologies Corporation, a defense contractor headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania, and British engine maker Cubewano LTD have agreed to an exclusive licensing agreement covering the North American defense market.  Company officials announced the partnership which will further solidify Fidelity as a formidable manufacturer of defense product solutions.

The licensing agreement will enable Fidelity to utilize Cubewano LTD’s proprietary rotary engine technology in the Department of Defense market for tactical power generation applications where high power density and multi-fuel capabilities are a priority to the warfighter.  Cubewano’s rotary engines are among the smallest, most powerful and reliable rotary engines available in the world.

According to David Gulati, Fidelity President, “Our alliance with Cubewano LTD is strategic and aligns perfectly with the mission of our Military and Aerospace Manufacturing Division to expand Fidelity’s market share within the defense industry by providing unique capabilities to manufacture defense products with the smallest footprint available in today’s market. It further demonstrates Fidelity’s commitment to the ever evolving requirements of the warfighter.  As increased power demands continue to emerge in the battlefield from individual soldier power requirements to vehicle and unmanned applications, Fidelity will effectively lighten the load as a result of our collaboration with Cubewano.”

Craig Fletcher, founder and CEO of Cubewano said, “Our engines were originally created and perfected for use in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which led us to win a contract to supply the US Army’s Class 1 Increment 2 program. We realized that the core technology would suit lightweight power generation applications, especially in the defense sector.

“A platoon currently carries up to 11 battery types weighing up to 436lbs for a 72 hour mission, as current generators running on heavy fuel are too heavy for one person to carry. This partnership will allow Fidelity to bring a product to market which solves that problem, running on military-standard JP8 fuel. We expect demand to be significant, as this will be a unique proposition which no other manufacturer can offer.”

The Fidelity and Cubewano cooperative efforts will debut at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting, October 22-24, 2012 in Washington, DC (Booth #4245).  Fidelity will feature the 1kW Lightweight Man Portable Generator (LMPG) system integrated with the Cubewano LTD rotary engine.  This system, only weighting 39lbs., is the first to enter the soldier power market as a true multi-fuel system built to withstand the rigors of military standards.  Manufacturing of the 1kW LMPG will occur at Fidelity’s Reading, Pennsylvania facilities.

Source: Fidelity Technologies Corp.
Date: Oct 25, 2012