Aeromexico selects Thales for Surveillance on B737NG

Aeromexico, Mexico’s global airline, has selected the THALES/ACSS TCAS 3000 SP (Traffic and Collision Avoidance System) for installation on their new Boeing 737NG to provide a complete surveillance solution.

Aeromexico, as part of Grupo Aeromexico, operates over 550 daily flights to different cities in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Central and South America, as well as Europe and Asia.

The TCAS3000 Surveillance Processor (SP) is based on Thales/ACSS’s very successful TCAS2000 with more than 10,000 units delivered and proven reliability. The new system gives customers the option of adding certified ADS-B In (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) capability combined with Thales/ACSS’s industry leading Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System Technology. The TCAS 3000SP delivers enhancements in reliability and computing power to handle the most demanding applications, including the future implementation of Change 7.1 and Airborne Separation Assurance System (ASAS) upgrades.

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Deliveries of Aeromexico’s new Boeing fleet have already started.

Aeromexico is one of the oldest ACSS TCAS customers.  Moving forward with an even more capable product was a natural choice as we are very pleased with the current TCAS 2000 installed on our fleet,” said David Nakamura, Senior VP Technical.

“Thales is very pleased to add Aeromexico, to our list of customers for this brand new product, which is one of the most reliable and capable on the market. This platform will be the foundation for future surveillance NextGen functions,” said Ed Senen, VP/GM of Thales ASW in the Americas.

Source: Thales Group (Paris: HO.PA)
Date: Oct 22, 2012