ROBOTEAM to Present A Range of Cutting-Edge, Easy-to-Operate Robots

ROBOTEAM - a leader in advanced, multi-purpose robotic solutions for Defense, HLS, and Public Safety - presents its innovative easy-to-operate and technologically superior robots at the AUSA Annual Meeting, October 22-24 in Washington, DC, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Israel Pavilion, Hall B, Booth 1867.

MTGR – Micro Tactical Ground Robot
Designed for intelligence gathering, this ultra-light, 13-lb, highly maneuverable robot is the lightest available on the market in its category. Carried by an individual soldier, the MTGR climbs stairs and 60⁰ obstacles, and has a secure MANET Data Link. The MTGR uses a US Military Battery.

IRIS – Individual Robotic Intelligence System
Designed for urban warfare and anti-terror missions, the IRIS is an easily deployed, miniature system, weighing less than 2 lbs. With a vertical drop of 35 feet, and a 4x4 drive, it can be thrown behind walls to enable forces to view the situation in real time. It runs on AA replaceable batteries, with an operation time of 4 hours.

PROBOT – The Professional Robot
The PROBOT - designed for a wide range of military and civilian missions - is exceptionally diverse in its uses and applications. It can carry very heavy payloads of up to 507 Lbs. With a maximum speed of 22 Mp/h, the Probot can easily climb stairs and surmount all types of obstacles. Among its range of payloads are a CBRN sensor suite, tactical manipulator, logistic carrier, crowd control, and search & rescue systems. It also features a secure MANET Data Link, and runs on a US Military Battery.

ROCU – Ruggedized Operator Control Unit
ROBOTEAM has also developed a cutting-edge, exceptionally sophisticated control system - ROCU - that is uniquely intuitive, requires no special training, and is easy to operate. ROCU was designed as an integrated generic controller for unmanned systems. It has a highly intuitive guidance system, and is fully ruggedized, ergonomic, and MIL-STD compliant. ROCU uses Windows 7/Android OS, has a 7" touch screen that is viewable in sunlight, and NVIS - and runs on a US Military Battery

According to Yosi Wolf, Co-Founder of Roboteam "We are very pleased to present our range of robots - developed for diverse applications - at AUSA. We have invested significant resources to create the best possible and highest quality solutions - while considering the current global reality of limited budgets. Our robots have proven successful in various units of the US Armed Forces in their evaluation and purchasing processes.  Our advanced sensors, along with our technological innovation, range of accessories, the intuitive operation, and advanced command and control solutions - are making our robots the preferred solutions for potential customers."

Date: Oct 17, 2012